Rental terms and conditions

  1. Use of the vehicle
    A copy of this rental agreement shall, during the rental period, be kept in the vehicle, and at request be presented to police officers, customs officers or other persons who represent the interests of the rental company (The Lessor). The vehicle can be utilized for normal usage in Sweden by the customer (The Lessee). Should another person drive the vehicle, a specific written agreement is required from The Lessor. It is The Lessee’s responsibility that this person is authorized to drive the vehicle. If The Lessee wishes to drive the vehicle outside of Sweden, they may only do so after The Lessor has given written authorization. The Lessee’s right to use the vehicle according to the rental agreement, will immediately cease if The Lessee tries to leave Sweden with the vehicle without The Lessor’s written authorization. This means that the police, the Customs or other party acting in the best interests of The Lessor, has the right to seize and retain the vehicle. The Lessee is responsible for all costs that The Lessor may incur if The Lessee, or The Lessee’s representative, has wrongfully driven the vehicle outside Sweden, or in countries not authorized by The Lessor in writing. It is not permitted for The Lessee to sub-rent the vehicle to another person. Transportation of people or goods in the vehicle for remuneration is not permitted. The vehicle may not be used for jump starting, pulling, pushing or in any other way moving another vehicle. It is not permitted to use the vehicle in motor racing.
  2. Rent and delayed payment
    The rent for the vehicle is stated on the first page of this agreement. The Lessee is responsible for paying the rent. In cases where the cost for the rent shall be paid by a party other than The Lessee, e.g. invoicing a legal person, The Lessee is with their signature jointly and severally responsible for paying all costs assignable to the rent. The Lessor has the right to subsequently charge The Lessee for costs assignable to the rent. The rent does not include costs for consumable fluids, such as oil, windscreen washer fluid, and fuel. When invoicing, The Lessor has the right to charge an invoice fee of 70 SEK including VAT. If The Lessee does not pay the rent before the due date, interest for late payment shall be charged at the rate applied by the central bank of Sweden (Sveriges Riksbank) at the then prevailing reference rate, plus 8 percentage points, and, if applicable, a reminder fee of 50 SEK including VAT.
  3. Delayed or failed delivery
    The Lessor shall provide the vehicle at the agreed time and date. If The Lessor cannot fulfil this, The Lessee is entitled to a rent reduction corresponding to the delay, or, if the delay is of substantial importance to The Lessee, terminate the agreement. The Lessee does not have the right to terminate the agreement if The Lessor immediately and without significant inconvenience for The Lessee, offers another acceptable vehicle. The Lessor is free from liability if they can show that the delay is due to circumstances beyond their control, which they could not reasonably have been expected to take into account when the agreement was entered into, and the consequences of which they could not reasonably have avoided/overcome. No reimbursement is made for business losses or subsequent damages.
  4. Vehicle care
    The Lessee is responsible for taking good care of the vehicle, and shall make sure that it is maintained in a functional and lawful condition. Oil, cooling water and tyre pressure shall follow the recommendations stated in the manual, and for the vehicle correct fuel. The Lessor have the right to charge The Lessee or the designated payer all costs assignable to handling errors. If the vehicle is rented per month and is driven a greater distance than 2,500 km, The Lessee shall make sure that the specified service inspections are undertaken by a garage assigned by The Lessor, and that the car service book is stamped. The Lessor shall, at request, be able to provide information about the mileage at which such service inspection shall be undertaken. In the event that service on the vehicle has not been undertaken in accordance with The Lessor’s criteria, The Lessee is charged with 10 SEK for every 10 km exceeding the service interval according to the vehicle manual. The cost for the service inspection is reimbursed by The Lessor. The Lessor has the right to inspect the vehicle during the rental period if there are reasonable grounds for considering that the ownership is endangered, or that there is a substantial risk of depreciation, beyond that which results from normal usage. It is not permitted to smoke or transport animals in the vehicle. If this is violated, a fee for cleaning the vehicle is charged. The vehicle must not be overloaded, driven in rough terrain, or on unplowed roads, or in other places where there is risk of damaging the vehicle. The Lessee must park the vehicle in a location where it is safe from damage.
  5. Measures in the event of malfunction, damages, theft, as well as the responsibility of the lessor
    The Lessee shall immediately inform The Lessor if the vehicle is malfunctioning or damaged, or subjected to theft during the rental period. The Lessee shall observe and follow the vehicle’s warning system. Upon receiving such information, The Lessor shall inform The Lessee about the measures that shall be taken. If it is an insurance matter, The Lessee shall make a damage report to The Lessor. If the vehicle or the car keys are stolen, or the vehicle is damaged by an unknown person, it is The Lessee’s duty to report the matter to the police at the location where the theft/damage took place, and send the copy of the police report to The Lessor. If the Lessee neglects to execute the above mentioned, The Lessee is liable to The Lessor for the resulting damages.
  6. The responsibility of the Lessor in the event of a breakdown or damages
    It is the responsibility of The Lessor that the vehicle is in working order and lawful condition. If the vehicle malfunctions or breaks down during the rental period due to the vehicle’s condition, The Lessee is entitled to a rent reduction, or, if this is of substantial importance to them, The Lessee has the right to terminate the agreement. The agreement may not, however, be terminated if The Lessor without undue delay, after having been informed about the malfunction, has the vehicle repaired or provides a replacement vehicle of the same or similar type as the booked vehicle, and The Lessee does not have any specific reasons for declining the offer. If there is a breakdown due to traffic or body damage, which renders the vehicle immobilized, or if the vehicle is stolen, the agreement is terminated after The Lessee contacts The Lessor, and, in the case of theft, also has filed a police report.
  7. The responsibility of The Lessor in the event of violations of traffic or parking regulations
    The Lessor is liable to The Lessee for financial penalties due to violations to toll, overloading, barrier fee, traffic and parking regulations, which can befall The Lessor in their capacity as owner of the vehicle. This does not apply, however, if the violation was caused by faults to the vehicle that The Lessee neither knew about nor could have known about. If The Lessee does not pay the fines, costs or fees assignable to the rent caused by violations for which The Lessee is responsible, and The Lessor, in their capacity as owner of the vehicle, is forced to pay them, The Lessor has the right to charge The Lessee a handling fee of 300 SEK including VAT for every matter. A fee of 300 SEK is also charged for informing the authorities regarding a registered speed violation.
  8. The responsibility of The Lessee for damages to, or loss of the vehicle
    The Lessee is responsible for damages to the car or loss of the car during the rental period, with the exception of damages which can be attributed to normal wear and tear, or which the insurance company has undertaken liability for in writing.
  9. The responsibility and liability of The Lessee for damages to, or loss of the vehicle
    Cost of damages: body damage, fire damage, rescue and recovery, theft, legal protection, and height restriction related damages (17,000 SEK).
    Traffic damage, third party damage (3,500 SEK).
    Unauthorized appropriation of the vehicle with the car keys. (Full value of the vehicle SEK)
    Glass damage (10,000 SEK).
    Damage caused by a driver under 25 (2,000 SEK).

    The Lessee undertakes to read and approve the damage documentation provided by The Lessor before departing with the vehicle. For mini buses and vans there is an additional fee amounting to 1,500 SEK per claim and claim element. An administration fee of 300 SEK including TVA is added per claim and claim element. These compensation levels apply unless another written agreement is signed with The Lessor.
  10. Limiting the damage
    Both The Lessee and The Lessor shall undertake reasonable measures to limit their damages. If this is neglected, they are liable for the cost respectively.
  11. Return
    At the end of the rental period, The Lessee shall return the vehicle to the location where it was collected, or a specific location that has been agreed on. When returned, the vehicle shall be in the same condition as it was when collected, apart from normal wear and tear. The Lessor and The Lessee shall, if possible, inspect the vehicle together to evaluate the condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle on return is found to be mismanaged or dirtied beyond that which results from normal usage, The Lessor has the right to charge a reasonable fee for restoring the vehicle.
    The return shall take place during The Lessor’s normal opening hours, unless otherwise agreed. If The Lessee does not return the vehicle according to the agreement, The Lessee is always required to reimburse The Lessor for the costs necessary for returning the vehicle to such a place where it can be used by The Lessor. The Lessee is also required to pay additional rent, in accordance with the agreement, if the vehicle is returned late and cannot be attributed to The Lessor‘s responsibility point 6. The Lessor shall not maintain any power with regard to delayed return if the neglect to return the vehicle, or request to extend the rental period, is due to death, serious illness or similar circumstances. It is prohibited on pain of criminal penalties to utilize the vehicle outside the rental period.
  12. The Lessor’s termination rights, etc.
    The Lessor has the right to terminate the agreement if:
    a. The Lessee does not fulfil their payment commitments towards The Lessor, and does not pay within a reasonable amount of time, after The Lessor har reminded The Lessee about this.
    b. The vehicle is subjected to abnormal driving, or is mismanaged to the point where there is a substantial risk of depreciation.
    c. The Lessee otherwise disregards the regulations in this agreement, for which compliance is of great importance to The Lessor.
    d. The Lessee has a suspended driving licence.
  13. Tracking
    Vehicles may be equipped with tracking devices, so that they can be found in the event of theft, or if they are not returned to the rental depot. Such devices can also be used to locate a vehicle if it is involved in an accident or has broken down.
  14. Swedish car rental association’s information list (Biluthyrarna Sverige)
    Lessees (and/or drivers) who breach the above mentioned terms and conditions, or who cause damage to The Lessor, are systematically reported to the Swedish car rental association’s information list. The information list is distributed to the associated car rental companies recommending not to rent vehicles to persons stated on the list.
  15. ARN additional insurance with Trygg-Hans
    The Lessee may choose insurance during the rental period. If no insurance is selected, the cost for damages is 18,000 SEK, which is the maximum amount.
    * BSF - Standard Insurance reduces the excess fee to 8,500 SEK.
    * SRE - Excess Cover eliminates the excess fee to 0 SEK.

    The insurance does not cover:
    Extra rented equipment, damages caused by negligence or carelessness, e.g. carelessly loaded car, stained or broken car interiors, broken controls, smoking and similar, damages caused by running out of fuel or using the wrong fuel, if the vehicle is stolen with the keys, or if the person renting the car cannot return the keys to the vehicle.

    The Lessee’s obligations: In the event of damages, the lessee must immediately provide the lessor with a damage report. In the event of parking damages, hit-and-run, theft or animal collision, The Lessee must file a police report and if possible provide witness statements.